Freelance Ruby & Web developer

I’m a Ruby & Web developer and I love building highly usable web apps. Leveraging Ruby on Rails I can build completely tailor-made solutions for your every needs.

You can also hire me to deploy, setup and make the best use of your existing web sites and apps (Wordpress blog, self-hosted Nextcloud, wiki, CRM, etc).



Need an app for that?

I design and build extensible apps to meet specific requirements

Example needs

  • Monitor production data
  • Data managment
  • Get alerts when conditions are met
  • Export to PDF
  • Sync with digital calendars
  • Optimise resources

Website makeover

From design to code

Hand me graphic designs, I'll build state-of-the art HTML/CSS

Key benefits

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Accessible HTML
  • Optimised load time
  • JavaScript interactions
  • Optimised Facebook/Twitter sharing
  • SEO-friendly

App deployment

Self-hosted online tools

Let me deploy, upgrade, setup and customise websites and online tools.

Example tools

  • Webshop, blog, landing page
  • NextCloud collaboration suite
  • CRM
  • Bulk mail service


Improve your communication

Through information architecture and copy-writing, let me turn your existing material into webpages and emails.

Case studies

  • Blog posts and newsletters
  • Mobile and tablet tweaks
  • Information hierarchy improvements
  • Newsletter and social networks


Internet and computers allow building and sharing knowledge, tools and art, as well as build communities and connections.
But they can also be abused to discriminate and hurt people, harvesting personal information, enabling bullying, exclusion and mass surveillance.


  • Women's rights and fight against sexism
  • Accessibility and digital inclusion
  • Animal welfare and vegetarian lifestyle
  • Fight against online bullying
  • Low-tech, degrowth, energy savings
  • Social welfare, community-building, online collaboration

Personal commitments

  • Use inclusive language in UI copy
  • Check accessibility of deliverables
  • Store minimum personal data and anonymise if possible
  • Anticipate possible misuse
  • Prefer energy-efficient solutions
  • Contribute back to Open Source tools I use


After working ten years with PHP, and occasionally with ASP, Java and JavaScript, I've settled on Ruby for all new projects.
Thanks to its expressive syntax and extensive Open-Source community, it's the gold standard for fast and secure backend development.

I use HTML, CSS and JavaScript everyday to build web apps and implement designs. Knowledge of these fundamentals, the building blocks of the Web, is a requirement to leverage existing technology when doing frontend work.

  • Ruby on Rails

    Built by and for Basecamp before being open-sourced, this framework provides a rich integrated toolset which make developing application a blaze.
    Improved by more than 5.000 contributors and enriched by a rich ecosystem of open-source components, it powers more than a million websites and applications, including AirBnB, Github, Shopify, Kickstarter, Hulu, and Basecamp of course.
  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is the perfect companion to keep pace with fast back-end development.
    It provides a solid foundation for layout, a complete array of static and dynamic User Interface components, easily combined and customized, and is best-in-class when it comes to responsiveness and accessibility.
    Millions of websites and apps have embraced it since its Open-Source debuts in 2001, placing it firmly on top of web frameworks. Every release improves upon the previous and adds new features, thanks to a large and dedicated community
  • Git

    Source code has evolved a lot since the age of punch cards, and Git is now the de-facto standard for securely sharing and deploying code.
    Except for a few legacy projects, all code now lives in Git repositories, which make it easy to collaborate remotely, work on features in parrallel, and track changes over time.

Always a curious mind, I read blogs and books and attend conferences to improve and expand my skillset.
I always take into account the following aspects:

  • UX

    Usability means a lot to me, and I always make sure that User Interfaces are easy and intuitive to work with, from small details like click target size, grouping items logically, to layout and error messages.

  • Web performance

    Speed is a major factor in the competitive space of the Web. Web apps and websites all need to load optimized images, compressed HTML and assets, and finely-tuned SQL queries, among others.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Mobile is here to stay, so I always ensure that layout and controls adapt to screens small and large.

  • Maintenabilité

    The tools I use are heavily tested and regularly updated to close vulnerabilities, and I make sure that both code and comments are readable and up-to-date.


I've built and maintained apps and websites for companies, agencies and as a freelance since 2006, always striving for the highest level of usability, responsiveness, performance, and SEO-friendliness.

I like learning and sharing, in articles and by giving dozens of talks and workshops.
I was invited to talk about accessibility, mobile adaptation, web performance, project management, and mental health.

After moving out of Lyon, I joined Solstice, a 100-strong cooperative, which lets me focus on what I really enjoy: building webapps and websites.